Ecclestone supports Lotus-Renault - Lopez

10 December 2010 

Gerard Lopez, the man behind Genii Capital which bought a majority stake in Renault late last year, says Bernie Ecclestone supports the new Lotus-Renault partnership, despite the confusion it may cause.

The Renault outfit announced that Group Lotus had acquired a 50% stake in the team earlier this week. That also left Genii with 50% as they acquired the remaining 25% from Renault, leaving the car manufacturer as an engine supplier and sponsor only.

The outfit also announced it would run a black and gold livery, which came as a surprise after Team Lotus announced they too would run the same livery.

Lopez though is adamant Team Lotus copied them, rather than the other way around.

"It’s interesting because ever since we began discussions we had the idea to run in black and gold and then it kind of leaked through the press and the paddock – and then three days later they [Team Lotus] were announcing they were doing black and gold," he told the Telegraph.

According to Lopez, Ecclestone was aware of the possible deal since negotiations began and fully supports the move.

"Bernie has been aware of this ever since discussions started," added Lopez. "We [Genii Capital] actually started discussions with Lotus and Proton [the owners of Group Lotus] on a number of other subjects a while ago.

"You would have to ask him but the impression he gave us is that he is supportive of the deal. He wants Lotus in Formula One. He wants Lotus to perform. As far as we’re concerned Bernie has been involved and obviously this happened with his blessing."