Brawn: 'F1 must protect its historic races'

28 October 2011 

In light of new races being added to the calendar on a now yearly basis, most recently Abu Dhabi, Singapore, South Korea and India, Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn, has warned that the sport must protect its heritage.

The sport is becoming an increasingly global event with future races in Texas, New Jersey and Russia all confirmed, whilst Mexico/Argentina and South Africa are keen on adding their names to a growing list.

Brawn says the sport needs to do more to protect the historic races which made F1 what it is today.

"What we don't want is to lose important races, and we can all sit here and debate which ones are important, but we don't want to lose the iconic and historic heritage races," he said.

"They are what makes Formula One so attractive for countries like India, to be part of that collection of races, to be a race like Monaco, Silverstone and Monza.

"If we lose those heritage races, those important historic races, then I think Formula One itself becomes less attractive."

The Brit does however support the future additions in the USA and Russia, which are key markets for Mercedes and many other manufacturers/sponsors in F1.

"There are provisions within the Concorde Agreement for teams to agree additional races, particularly those outside of Europe.

"The teams, within reason, are keen to have extra races especially when they are as important as coming here to India or in Russia or an extra race in North America.

"So we are very supportive of those races and it's great Bernie has achieved them."

However, Brawn also warned that the calendar shouldn't exceed the 20-race limit per season, something which looks increasingly likely.

"The calendar is creaking a bit with 20 races in terms of the team, with three pairs of back-to-back races at the end of next year that means our staff are away for pretty long chunks of time.

"We need to look at how teams are going to be structured to cope with the extra number of races."

Recently added races: 2008 - Valencia, Spain & Singapore; 2009 - Abu Dhabi; 2010 - Yeongam, South Korea; 2011 - New Delhi, India; 2012 - Austin, USA; 2013 - New Jersey, USA; 2014 - Sochi, Russia.