Hamilton and Massa hug to end 2011 feud

27 November 2011 by Ryan Wood

Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa finally brought their 2011 feud to an end, following several on-track battles which has seen them make contact on numerous occasions.

Hamilton approached Massa at the end of the Brazilian GP, a race in which the pair spent several laps duelling before the McLaren driver retired with a gearbox failure, and embraced the Brazilian before sharing a few words.

Massa said it was nice of Hamilton to seek him out to make amends: "I never had anything against him. I always respected him, even this year after everything that has happened.

"I think it is nice of him to come here because it was never going to come from me because I did nothing wrong during the year."

Hamilton added: "It's been a long hard year for all the drivers, and I hope they all have a good winter," he is quoted as saying by Autosport.

"It was good to have a nice chat with Felipe after the race. I have great respect for him and I'm already looking forward to racing him again next year."

Photo courtesy of @hirschcar_