Sutil appeals GBH suspended sentence

8 February 2012 by Ryan Wood

Adrian Sutil has decided to appeal his recent conviction for causing grevious bodily harm to Eric Lux in 2011, following a scuffle in a Shanghai nightclub.

The German, who is without a seat for 2012, was handed an 18-month suspended sentence and a 200,000 euro fine by a Munich court.

Sutil's manager Manfred Zimmermann said the decision to appeal was "because we are convinced the judgement is not appropriate," he told the German press.

An appeal date hasn't been set, but it's likely that Lewis Hamilton will again be called to provide evidence after failing to attend the original trial, which led to Sutil reportedly branding the McLaren driver a "coward".

It has also been confirmed that the prosecutor has also appealed the verdict, with the view that the punishment was too lenient after requesting a 24-month sentence and a 300,000 euro fine.