Silverstone could host '12 young driver test

Silverstone Circuit

27 March 2012 by Ryan Wood

The 2012 young driver test may be relocated to Silverstone, immediately following the British Grand Prix in early July.

The idea to relocate the test, which was first introduced in 2010, from Abu Dhabi to Silverstone has been proposed after concerns were raised that mechanics and engineers may be overworked due to the tightly packed calendar later in the year.

If the event were to take place after the Abu Dhabi GP, it would see teams working for four continuous weekends, right at the very end of a record 20-race season.

It's this concern which has prompted calls for the test to take place at Silverstone, where the majority of the teams are located, therefore having minimum impact on their crews.

However, the idea to relocate the test has also come in for some criticism. With the British GP taking place in July, some teams are concerned they won't have been given enough time to evaluate the fresh talent available to them.

A final decision is expected to be made within the next few weeks.