2013 Argentine GP deal to be finalised in May

The F1 Times

6 April 2012 by Ryan Wood

A deal for Argentina to return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2013 is expected to be finalised in May, according to reports.

The news follows confirmation that talks between the country's President Cristina Fernandez and Bernie Ecclestone were underway for Mar de Plata to host a race.

"We are closing [the deal]," said Fernandez earlier this year. "For three years, in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the city of Mar del Plata.

"For us it will be very important because after football, racing is the second favourite sport for Argentineans. Getting Formula 1 back to Argentina is something we deserve in order to be able to show the things we have."

A three year deal will be finalised in May when Ecclestone meets the Minister of Tourism, Enrique Meyer, to finalise the contracts.

"The National Government accepts the challenge of organising the Grand Prix of Argentina to promote the image of our country in the world," said Meyer.

"In May, the three-year contract will be signed between all parties involved," he confirmed.

The 5km street circuit (a mock-up can be seen below), will be designed by renowned architect and F1 regular Hermann Tilke. It utilises an empty Naval base and extends out into the South Atlantic ocean.

With an ever expanding calendar, Autosprint reports that the Korean GP will be dropped in favour of the Argentine GP, whilst the European GP will lose its place in favour of New Jersey - Valencia and Barcelona will rotate annually to host the Spanish GP.