Teams preparing for Bahrain cancellation

Red Bull | Getty Images

8 April 2012 by Ryan Wood

Formula 1 teams are putting together their own contingency plans in the event the Bahrain Grand Prix doesn't go ahead on April 22nd as is currently planned.

The race is shrouded in controversy as anti-government protests continue, with reports of further deaths in the country and fears that protesters may use the islands largest sporting event to voice their opinions.

The government has attempted to calm such fears with various statements claiming that things are returning to normal, but promises that safety can't be guaranteed, haven't done much to alleviate such concerns. 

A report claims the teams have issued their employees with two sets of tickets; one to fly straight from China to Bahrain, the other to return to their respective countries of residence.

Team principals from all 12 teams are to meet with the FIA during the Chinese GP weekend to discuss the matter further.

With the teams now doubting that the race will go ahead, and fresh warnings that safety cannot be guaranteed - the latest coming from the February 14th Youth Coalition which organises protests - pressure is growing on the governing body to cancel the event.

However the FIA says it has been assured by the relevant authorities that safety isn't a concern, but they would continue to monitor the situation before making a final decision.

"The FIA is constantly monitoring and evaluating the situation in the Kingdom of Bahrain," an FIA spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters.

"We are in daily touch with the highest authorities, the main European embassies and of course the local promoters at BIC (Bahrain International Circuit) as well as the international promoter.

"The FIA is the guarantor of the safety at the race event and relies, as it does in every other country, on the local authorities to guarantee security. In this respect we have been repeatedly assured by the highest authorities in Bahrain that all security matters are under control."