Top teams to get middle garages at British GP

Trulli vanishes behind the pit wall as he passes Red Bull's garage ( Caterham F1)

14 June 2012 by Ryan Wood

Formula One Management, which decides how the teams are allocated garages at each race, has decided upon an unusual layout for the British Grand Prix.

The new pit complex introduced in 2011 sees the last few garages disappear behind a retaining wall due to the slight incline of the track as it heads towards turn one.

These 'hidden' garages were allocated to Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes last year which disappointed fans in the grandstands opposite, with them unable to see the action taking place.

This season however, rather than reversing the allocation, with the top teams at the entrance rather than the exit, FOM has decided to put the top teams in the middle with the 'smaller' teams either side.

The order is unusual because it is usually decided by the constructors' championship standings from the previous season.

"We're more or less in the middle," McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh told Adam Cooper about the allocation for this years race.

"No one's explained exactly why! I imagine the desire is to put us in front of the grandstand, which is a good thing. If I was a grandstand ticket buyer and I got there and I couldn’t see my favourite teams, I'd be a bit non-plussed by it."

The change will also please Red Bull who were positioned last and were therefore at a disadvantage because their cars were unable to reach the pit lane speed limit before crossing the white line at the end.