Perez sought advice from Ferrari before Canada

Perez enjoys the spoils that come with a podium finish ( Sauber Motorsport AG)

14 June 2012 by Ryan Wood

Sergio Perez sought advice from Ferrari's driver academy head Luca Baldisserri prior to the Canadian Grand Prix following four pointless races.

The Mexican driver surprised the Formula 1 world when he finished second to Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in Malaysia at the start of the season. However he failed to score a single point in the four races preceeding the Malaysian weekend which prompted the 22-year-old to seek advice from Baldisserri.

"After Monaco, we had a discussion with Sergio," revealed the Italiani. "We wanted to find out why recent results had not lived up to expectations after the Malaysian Grand Prix."

Baldisserri believes Perez was being too aggressive by over-driving the car and says his reponse in Canada, in which he finished third despite starting 15th, proves his talent.

"Perez is undoubtedly talented, but he often lets himself down by being too aggressive which, especially in Formula 1, does not deliver results.

"The Montreal race was a great response, a race in which Sergio not only ran at a great pace, but also managed his race very well, managing to stay on track for fifty laps on the same set of tyres."