Budget controls will maintain unpredictability

Vijay Mallya embraces Bernie Ecclestone in Valencia ( Sahara Force India )

27 June 2012 by Ryan Wood

Vijay Mallya, co-owner of the Sahara Force India outfit, believes the introduction of stricter budget controls, knows as the resource restriction agreement (RRA), will ensure the racing remains exciting.

Speaking to the official Formula 1 website, the Indian billionaire threw his support behind stricter costs measures following a RRA meeting in Valencia at the weekend.

"I think that the RRA is something that everybody agrees to, in principal," he said. "Even when FOTA was together - and active - all the teams agreed with the concept of resource restriction.

"In fact I would go one step further and say that the RRA was one of the reasons why FOTA was created. Then one by one, teams went in their own directions so we never had the chance to agree."

Mallya says the RRA is vital not only to ensure the smaller teams can afford to remain in the sport, but it will help to create a level playing field which in turn will continue to throw up unpredictable results - something fans are currently enjoying.

"The concept of the RRA is a must-have if Formula One is to survive in the long term," he continued. "It also must provide a level playing field.

"Look at the amount of excitement this season. We have had seven winners and only one repeat victor, which is fantastic. The big four teams are dropping down and the midfield teams are getting on the podium.

"For fans across the world this is fantastic compared to a predictable season where one team or one driver is always winning. A level playing field will ensure this tendency stays.

"So resource restriction is important and the FIA has now taken it upon itself to create regulations aimed at restricting resources. At the last World Council meeting it was agreed that we will have a fax vote at the end of June. We at Force India are completely committed to the concept."