Hamilton and Webber apologise to fansfor lack of action on Friday

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

6 July 2012 by Ryan Wood

Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber have both apologised to fans for the lack of running during free practice on Friday.

Both sessions suffered from heavy rain which resulted in long periods of on-track silence as drivers avoided the treacherous conditions, opting to instead sit in their garages.

Hamilton, who walked the pit lane to wave at fans, blamed the lack of running on the limited wet tyres teams have for a race weekend - which is of particular concern at Silverstone where wet weather is expected on all three days.

"For me I was just concerned for the fans," said the McLaren driver. "There were so many great fans here today and I don't remember ever seeing so many on a Friday.

"Unfortunately it was terrible weather and also we don't have any tyres - well not enough tyres - to go out and keep them entertained.

"I just really appreciate the support that we're having so I hope that they just keep warm and stay strong, because it's hopefully going to be a good weekend."

A record 80,000 spectators attended on Friday, though many couldn't access the circuit due to traffic issues.

Red Bull's Webber echoed Hamilton's concerns, adding: "Today most of us had our hands tied with the weather. We would want to get the practice in to get on top of those conditions, but for us unfortunately there is no point being top of the pops today, doing loads of mileage, loads of wearing tyres out because we don't get any points today.

"It is very frustrating for the fans and we do feel for them."