Silverstone asks fans not to attend on Saturday- and will refund unused tickets

Bumper to bumper as fans try to access the circuit on Friday.

6 July 2012 by Ryan Wood

The organisers of the British Grand Prix have requested fans who haven't pre-booked park and ride to and from the circuit or aren't within walking distance, not to attend third practice or qualifying on Saturday.

With major traffic issues on Friday, which saw gridlock up and down the A43, organisers have taken the rather radical step of requesting people stay at home and watch it on TV.

It's hoped by limiting the amount of cars entering the circuit, they will be able to keep the car parks useable for Sunday's race.

A statement from the circuit confirmed refunds would be issued for unused tickets: "Silverstone are strongly encouraging fans with public car parking on Saturday not to come to Silverstone tomorrow, 7 July.

"Unless spectators have PRE-BOOKED park and ride or are in local campsites and able to walk to the circuit we strongly advise that they do not attend the qualifying day of the 2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix.

"The reasons we have taken this action is due to the fact that we have lost some of our car parks today in the awful wet weather that we have suffered over the last weeks, and, in particularly, the last 36 hours. We must do our very best to protect as much of our car parking as possible ahead of Sunday.

"Fans will be refunded for any unused Friday or Saturday tickets and full details on how this will be handled will be communicated early next week."

Richard Phillips, managing director, apologised for the problems.

"I unreservedly apologise to people. I feel very responsible for it. This is something I have been very proud of over the years and I feel I could almost cry now."