Vettel: Hamilton 'stupid' to overtake leaders

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

22 July 2012 by Ryan Wood

Sebastian Vettel has branded Lewis Hamilton "stupid" for his attempts to unlap himself during the German Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver had dropped back to 22nd after suffering a puncture in the opening laps. However later in the race his pace improved on fresh tyres and he was able to catch the leading pack.

Hamilton then passed Vettel, who held second, and chased down Fernando Alonso who he followed for several laps before the eventual race winner pitted.

Vettel called the move unnecessary and said he was surprised Hamilton even attempted it whilst the leaders were battling for position.

"That was not nice of Lewis. I don't see why he was racing us," said the German. "If he wants to go fast he should drop back and find a gap. It was stupid as he was a lap down.

"If you want to go quick and you have no chance to win the race you should respect that and use common sense. I didn't expect him to attack because I didn't see the point, and then I was surprised when he was side by side."

Vettel believes the move cost him second to Jenson Button who managed to pass him during the second round of pit-stops.

"I think that lost us the place to Button because shortly after that we pitted," he concluded.

Vettel is under investigation for overtaking Button off the circuit in the closing stages of the race.