De Villota released from hospital in Spain

26 July 2012 by Ryan Wood

Maria de Villota has been released from hospital in La Paz, Madrid, following a transfer from Addenbrooke's Hospital in England where she underwent surgery following her testing crash with Marussia.

The Spaniard returned home on July 20th where she was admitted to La Paz Hospital to be in the company of her family and friends.

A statement confirms the 32-year-old will require regular checks to ensure her facial injuries heal correctly before she undergoes further corrective plastic surgery.

"The patient's general conditions are good, which allowed us to release her yesterday.

"In these six days, she has been treated by specialists of the plastic and neurological surgery services, and the ophthalmology department, who will continue to follow her, as she will need to undergo periodical checks and treatments.

"As communicated previously, the patient has lost her right eye, as a consequence of the serious trauma suffered, and she will be closely followed by the ophthalmology service. The specialists of the plastic surgery service will be responsible for following the serious injuries to her face and correcting the effects of those."