Double-DRS to be outlawed in 2013

Mercedes AMG F1 Team

31 July 2012 by Ryan Wood

Formula 1 teams have agreed to ban the so-called double-DRS system currently in use by Mercedes and soon to be on the Lotus cars.

At a meeting of the Technical Working Group (TWG) - where the teams come together to discuss regulation changes - it was decided that such systems would be outlawed in 2013.

The decision was backed by a majority, thought it's believed both Mercedes and Lotus objected to the move.

The former's system, introduced at the start of the year in Australia, was the subject of a protest by Lotus as they believed it infringed the regulations, though the FIA later sided with Mercedes which led to Lotus developing their own version which is set to be introduced at the next event in Belgium.

Whilst both devices work differently, the regulation change will completely outlaw the practice of blowing the rear-wing.

The change will have to be ratified by the FIA before it's written in to the 2013 technical regulations, but this shouldn't pose an obstacle.