McLaren developing their own double-DRS- but undecided on whether to run it


2 August 2012 by Ryan Wood

McLaren sporting director Sam Michael has revealed that the Woking outfit has developed its own version of Mercedes double-DRS.

The system boosts straight-line speed by stalling the rear-wing when open, or in Lotus's case, when closed.

However the team are yet to decide whether it will see the light of day this season, before such systems are banned for 2013.

"It's not like the Lotus one, but we have got a system like that," Michael explained to Autosport. "As for the chances of us bringing it [to the car], I don't know yet.

"We will look at all the programmes and see if it is feasible, because it requires work and it detracts from normal upgrades as well. So it is quite difficult to make the system work, as Lotus are discovering.

"But like anything in the pit lane, if we see a new idea then the guys jump on it, they analyse it and, if we decide that it will be a benefit to the team, then we will bring it."