Ecclestone open to Turkey returning to F1

Red Bull / Getty Images

18 August 2012 by Ryan Wood

Turkey could return to the Formula 1 calendar in the near future, according to Bernie Ecclestone.

The Istanbul circuit was dropped from the calendar this season for the first time since its debut in 2005, after the government failed to agree a new contract with FOM citing the race sanctioning fee as a major hurdle.

However, Ecclestone would be willing to welcome the race back to the calendar if the issue over fee's can be resolved, despite an ever increasing number of countries joining the roster.

"I was sorry when the contract ended, but it's always possible to go back to Turkey," he told Haberturk. "I was sorry because it's a great track and Istanbul is a great city.

"Both the teams and the FIA were very happy to be in Istanbul ... If the problem with the government can be resolved, then Turkey could return to the calendar."