Lotus: 'Consistency more important than win'

Lotus F1, LAT Photographic

26 August 2012 by Ryan Wood

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier says consistency throughout the 2012 season is more important than a one-off race win.

Lotus has proved consistency is one of its strong points this season given that Kimi Raikkonen is yet to win a single race, but stands a single point behind two-time winner Lewis Hamilton.

Meanwhile Romain Grosjean has the same amount of points as Jenson Button and one less than Nico Rosberg, both of which have won a race this season, unlike the Frenchman. Had it not been for a series of unfortunate opening clashes, he could well be much higher than seventh in the championship.

Boullier says it's this consistency that will enable the outfit to fight for both titles.

"I think we can all be satisfied with what we've achieved in the first half of the season," he said. "Being there or thereabouts at so many different circuits is very good in championship terms and certainly better than a one-off win.

"A win would be nice, there's no doubt about that," he added.

The aim now, according to the 38-year-old, is to improve the cars.

"Of course, we continue to push to make the car faster," he continued. "We were in a very good position in Budapest where we finished in second and third; had it been a circuit with more overtaking opportunities then the top step would have been a possibility."