Win a behind the scenes Red Bull factory tour

27 August 2012 by TF1T Staff

To enter our competition to win a pair of tickets for a behind the scenes factory tour at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes, you'll need to download the Red Bull Racing Spy app here and tell us this...

Who is Mark Webber standing next to in the below image?

If you need some help, the Red Bull Racing Spy will be releasing the answers in his app [available here] on Monday and Wednesday in the lead up to the Belgian Grand Prix... so keep an eye on him to win!

Simply enter below or email your answer to with the subject 'Red Bull Competition'


The Red Bull Racing Spy, who already has a following on Twitter, will bring you closer to the real action in Formula One. The app is essential for any F1 fan who wants a little more information than the average spectator and who secretly loves a bit of grand prix gossip. If the Spy misses something out, you get the chance to quiz him; ask anything F1 related or lay down a challenge and see the responses in the feed.

As well as all the unique features, the Red Bull Racing Spy will also bring you the information that you’d expect from any self-respecting F1 app including lap by lap track positioning, race specific facts and figures, driver and constructor championship standing and a full race calendar. To download the app head to and make sure you get the inside line for the start of the new F1 season.

Note: The prize is two tickets to Red Bull Racing's Milton Keynes factory on October 16th at 11am - the winner is liable for costs getting to and from the factory.