Vergne still sore after Italian GP accident

Octane Photographic

13 September 2012 by Ryan Wood

Jean-Eric Vergne says he is still feeling the effects of his Monza crash which launched his car into the air before it landed back on the surface with some force.

The Frenchman complained of a sore back immediately after the accident and says it, along with his neck, remain stiff, but he doesn't think it'll have an impact on his Singapore preparations.

"The kerbs are quite high at Monza, so when the car hit the kerb I was thrown in the air," he said. "I was a little worried that the car might flip, so the fact that it didn't is something to be grateful for. It could have been a lot worse than it was. Having said that, it was still quite a big impact and it took me a minute to get myself together once the car had stopped.

"I felt a bit of pain, so I stayed where I was for a few moments, just to get everything straight in my head, but then I felt okay and climbed out. I went with the medical car and that was the end of my Italian Grand Prix."

He revealed that it was indeed a suspension failure at the rear which caused his car to spin under braking for the turn one chicane.

"After the race, we established it had been a failure with the rear suspension," he added. "In the end you just have to put it down as one of those things that happen when you go racing. I do feel pretty stiff across my back and neck but I think that will go away over the next day or so and I'll get on with what is going to be a pretty busy schedule until Singapore."