Perez denies Ferrari, McLaren approaches

Sauber Motorsport AG

20 September 2012 by Ryan Wood

Serio Perez has denied he has been approached by a rival team in regards to luring him away from Sauber for the 2013 season.

The Mexican has impressed during his stint at Sauber, particularly during 2012. The 22-year-old has secured three podium finishes and sits ninth in the championship some way ahead of Ferrari's Felipe Massa.

Despite his recent performances, most recently he finished second at the Italian GP, Perez says he's not been approached by a rival.

"No," responded Perez when probed on the subject. "As I say, in the position that I am [in], when I have a good result because I'm fighting for points and sometimes I'm able to get some good points so it's always the time when the rumours start but then you have another race and there are no more rumours and they are chasing the driver who has a good race."

When pushed on the rumours that Ferrari and McLaren have made contact with his management for next season as a potential replacement for Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton respectively, he denied such contact.

"In respect of what Montezemolo said about experience, I fully respect his opinion," he added after the Ferrari president claimed he had inadequate experience to join Ferrari. "I have to know my position, probably, he means, to become a Ferrari driver you probably need more... I don't know, because it's only my second year in Formula One.

"I feel ready to do a good job, to be in a top team, to be able to fight for the title, for the championship, so in that respect I feel ready but I fully respect his opinion.

"Regarding the McLaren rumour, as I said, there are so many rumours around. Before it was Ferrari, and now it's McLaren. Always, when I have a good race, they put me in a different team. The most important thing is to keep doing a good job and try to maximise the car potential for the next races."