FIA revises front-wing load test in Japan

4 October 2012 by Ryan Wood

The FIA has revised its front-wing load tests in an attempt to catch those teams skirting the regulations.

It had been reported that both McLaren and Red Bull were running front-wings which rotated at the point of attachment to provide a straight-line speed advantage.

The new test introduced for the Japanese Grand Prix, according to paddock sources, has been put in place to stop such practice following complaints from Ferrari.

The revised test sees the 100N (approx 102kg) load applied to an area 150mm further forward when compared to the previous tests. The front-wing may only flex by a maximum 20mm.

The FIA confirms that all those tested on Thursday passed. Though it isn't clear as to whether the teams in question altered their wings, after prior warning about the new test was issued by the governing body.