Alonso has no doubts he will win the title


27 October 2012 by Ryan Wood

Fernando Alonso has come out with fighting talk in India, insisting he is 100 per cent certain that he will win the 2012 Drivers' Championship.

The Spaniard made the surprising comments after qualifying on Saturday where he secured fifth, whilst title leader Sebastian Vettel starts on pole.

Despite this, he has no doubts he and Ferrari will succeed but amitted it would be harder now.

"I think it's more challenging for us now," he said in the New Delhi paddock. "But I remain 100% confident we will fight for the championship and we will win it.

"On Saturday they have the fastest car at the moment so they are first and second. One pole position is for [Mark] Webber in Korea and one pole position is for Vettel here so they are dominant as a team in performance.

Alonso believes Ferrari's race pace will allow them to fight the Bulls.

"I think on Sunday normally our pace improves a little bit and in Korea also we put some pressure on Webber especially.

"So let's wait for tomorrow. I think we can do a good race tomorrow and I still think we can take some good points tomorrow and hopefully more points than Sebastian. And then the next races we can hopefully be a little bit more competitive. The first target is to finish ahead of them tomorrow and I think we have the chance to do it."