Perez: 'Target in 2013 is to win the title'

Sauber Motorsport AG

1 November 2012 by Ryan Wood

Sergio Perez isn't holding back on his ambitions for the 2013 season when the young Mexican will team up with Jenson Button at McLaren.

Whilst the Sauber driver is under no illusions that it'll take time to fill Lewis Hamilton's shoes, he says he will give his all to ensure he does the best possible job.

"I rate Lewis very highly - he is one of the fastest guys in Formula One right now - and of course it will not be easy trying to walk in those shoes and think that they fit right away," he told the official F1 website. "But I am confident and I will do anything to make those shoes fit as soon as possible, because it is the chance I always hoped I would have. I will do my best and I think that I will be very good then."

Describing the moment he was confirmed as a McLaren driver, he admitted it was a dream come true.

"I jumped on my bed [when i found out]," he added. "I mean isn't it every young driver's dream to be picked by one of the iconic teams? And isn't it natural that the moment you know about it you are over the moon?"

Finally, talking of his target next season, he is confident he can fight for the title provided McLaren give him a competitive car.

"The important step for a young driver is to get into a top team to be able to show if you are able to win. This question will be answered for me next season. In 2013 I have the chance to be with the best team in Formula One and my target is to win the championship - next year."