Webber blasts new podium procedure

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

15 November 2012 by Ryan Wood

Mark Webber isn't a fan of the new-for-2012 podium procedure which includes a standardised structure, electronic flags and driver interviews.

In fact the Australian blasted certain parts of the process which he believes should present a chance for the fans to enjoy the drivers celebrating their success.

"I certainly wasn't impressed in Silverstone with 1,000 dignatories up there," he said in the Austin paddock. "I think the podium should be for the drivers, no one else.

"A clear shot of celebration of the drivers and what they have achieved. Not having everyone stand in front and having their five minutes. That pissed me off."

In addition, the Red Bull driver isn't keen on the electronic flags, but is yet undecided on the interviews which are conducted by past drivers.

"You need real flags," he added. "The electronic flags look rubbish. You need real flags waving in the wind.

"Drivers [being interviewed] on the podium...? I am 50/50 on that," he concluded.