Coughlan says Williams can win races in '13

Williams F1, LAT Photographic

9 March 2013 by TF1T Staff

Williams can win races in 2013 according to technical director Mike Coughlan, who believes their car is just as competitive as last years, if not closer to the font.

The team have struggled during the past few seasons, finishing in a lowly 9th place in 2011 after suffering their worst ever start to a season. That year they scored just five points.

Last season was a better year for the team as they managed to score 76 points. 25 of those came from Pastor Maldonado's Spanish Grand Prix vistory - their first since 2004.

However they only jumped a single place in the Constructors' thanks to many missed opportunities, despite having a competitive car.

Coughlan is confident they will win more regularly, as long as they can avoid those same issues which halted their progress in 2012.

"Yes I do," Coughlan told Autosport in response to whether he believes they'll more races this year.

"Melbourne, and indeed the first couple of races, will be where the person who really gets a handle on the tyres will certainly be in a position to be on the podium.

"Ultimately we've got to ensure that when we have an opportunity we fulfil it.

"There were so many times last year when we were in a position to score significant points or a podium and we, as a team, let ourselves down," he added.

Without making any bold predictions, the Brit believes they will be closer to the 'larger' outfits.

"We feel at least as competitive as we were, maybe a little bit closer to the cars in front."