McLaren to blame for Webber's poor start - Horner

Red Bull, Getty Images

18 March 2013 by TF1T Staff

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has blamed McLaren for Mark Webber's poor start in Australia, which saw the local driver bog down as the lights went out.

Webber had qualified second alongside team-mate Sebastian Vettel who got a good start to remain in the lead at the first turn, however Webber dropped from second to seventh after one of his now customary poor getaways.

Horner put part of the blame on one of McLaren's subsidiary's, McLaren Electronic Systems Ltd (MESL), which develops the standard Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for all 22 cars.

"You need to ask McLaren why the ECU didn't work because he was blind and had no telemetry," claimed Horner.

Telemetry from the out lap and formation lap are vital in setting the clutch and KERS correctly.

The new ECU has been a bit of a headache for McLaren after it caused issues throughout testing too following an upgrade for the changes coming in 2014.

Horner is hopeful they'll resolve the problems.

"It is something they need to get on top of because it caused a lot of issues during testing as well."