Mercedes using hydraulically linked suspension

Octane Photographic

26 March 2013 by TF1T Staff

Mercedes have reportedly perfected a complex suspension system which links all four corners, including the front and rear, to ensure the ride-height remains level at all times.

The passive system, dubbed 'FRIC' for front-and-rear inter-connected, stabilises the car under braking and acceleration, keeping it level to ensure maximum downforce efficiency from the front-wing, floor and diffuser.

It can also be adjusted, similar to brake balance, and therefore can be used as a form of ride-height control to ensure the car remains low to the ground as the fuel reduces and the car gets lighter throughout the race.

Electronic devices to achieve the same result have been banned for many years since Lotus and Williams ran with them back in the '80s. However the Mercedes system is hydraulically controlled and therefore completely legal.

The Brackley-outfit has reportedly been working on perfecting the system for some three years, prompting rivals to follow suit - though none are believed to be at such an advanced stage in the development process.