FIA president Todt to miss Bahrain GP

Sutton Images

17 April 2013 by TF1T Staff

FIA president Jean Todt will once again miss the Bahrain Grand Prix amid the ongoing protests and demonstrations in the island country.

The Frenchman was criticised for his absence at the 2012 Bahrain GP - though he later flew out after members of the Force India team were caught up in some trouble as they headed home from the circuit.

He has once again chosen not to attend the race, despite heading up the governing body which is in charge of safety in motorsport.

He has also remained silent on the situation, refusing to be drawn in to commenting on the trouble, which former champion Damon Hill described as a "mistake."

"His approach has been to say nothing, because otherwise you're being critical, and I think that is a mistake because he's being used, or the sport is being perceived as being used, by its engagement in the economy and the reputation of the country."

Bernie Ecclestone will attend the race, as he did in 2012, and has assured the teams that they will be safe, despite threats to the contrary.