FIA disables telemetry link again in Bahrain

21 April 2013 by TF1T Staff

The FIA has once again disabled the telemtry link between race control and the cars because of an issue with the software which has been ongoing since the opening race in Australia.

The situation has improved slightly according to the FIA's Charlie Whiting. The GPS data and car tracking are now reliable, but the way in which information is delivered to the driver isn't.

It means that the cockpit warning lights to alert them to blue, yellow, or red flags, won't be shown. They will have to rely on trackside boards and radio communication with their engineer.

Other systems which are affected include DRS which can't be automatically disabled by race control.

This resulted in several drivers using the system illegally in China last weekend. However none of the eight drivers were penalised because of the 'mitigating circumstances'.

The governing body is hoping the system will be fixed for the first European race in three weeks time, with reports they may switch to the 2012 supplier.