Webber: I'm not ready to quit F1 just yet

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

28 April 2013 by TF1T Staff

Mark Webber says he's not yet ready to quit Formula One, despite reports suggesting he has already agreed a move to the Porsche WEC team for 2014.

The Australian contemplated his future in the sport following the Malaysian Grand Prix saga which cost him a race victory to his team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

Whilst he was clearly angered by the event, he hasn't made a final decision on his future, but says it will be a "tough" choice to make when the time comes.

"You have to get the timing right," he told the Red Bull website. "I’ve spoken to several great sportsmen and sportswomen about it, I know it’s a tough decision to make – tough because you can see it as giving up. Quitting. And that’s completely opposite to your nature and the thing that got you to where you are.

"It doesn’t fit comfortably with any of us. But I’m not there yet..."

Whilst his hints that he may continue in F1 past 2013 grow stronger, he's certain of one thing, he won't see out his 300th race after just celebrating 200.

"No," he replied when asked if he'd surpass 300 grands prix. "At the end of this year I should have… 215. 300? No way," he added.