Silverstone: 'Last years problems a one-off'


1 May 2013 by TF1T Staff

BRDC president Derek Warwick is confident the problems which hit the 2012 British Grand Prix were a one-off, but despite his claims, they have "upgraded everything" in an effort to improve the situation.

The race, held at Silverstone, was hit by heavy downpours in the days leading up to the event which waterlogged many of the campsites and car parks. That led to the organisers requesting fans not to attend on the Saturday, to allow for repairs to the ground for Sunday's race.

Warwick is confident that the significant changes made between then and now will allay many of the problems they ran into.

"Obviously if we have the kind of rain we had last year it's difficult for all venues but we've put in kilometres of drainage, we've improved the facilities of all the campsites," he told Sky Sports.

"We've probably got the best road system of all grands prix. You've got to remember the last ten years we've had no problems at all.

"[Last year] it was a one-off. It did catch us out. We looked after all the people who struggled on the Saturday, we compensated them, but more importantly we have upgraded everything in terms of parking and the campsites.

"There's more drainage, more facilities so we've listened to the people that complained and made it better."

He also revealed that the BRDC remain in contact with potential investors in the hope they can realise their redevelopment plans.

"We're looking for an investor at the moment, talking to an investor at the moment and that will help us build hotels and bigger infrastructure etcetera.

"But our relationship with Bernie is fantastic. He complimented us last year for running one of the best grands prix of the year and you don't very often get compliments from Mr Ecclestone!"