Hill: Hard tyre change will benefit Red Bull


4 May 2013 by TF1T Staff

Damon Hill believes Pirelli's decision to change the hard compound tyre will benefit Red Bull more than any other team on the grid.

The Milton Keynes based outfit has been campaigning the official tyre supplier for changes because they believe they're unable to utilise the amount of downforce the RB9 creates without it having a negative impact on tyre wear.

Pirelli confirmed it would 'harden' the hard compound for future races, but it wouldn't adapt any of the other compounds. Red Bull were unhappy with the outcome, but Hill reckons they will still benefit the most.

"The suggestion is that Red Bull weren't too happy with the hard tyre because I think their car generates quite a lot of lateral-G and it was just chewing the tyre up too much, so I think they prefer a harder tyre," he told Sky Sports.

Nine out of the eleven teams wanted the tyres to stay as they were and, according to Hill, they're not too happy about the change.

"So you might see that that swings towards Red Bull's favour and there are mutterings that that is the case and some of the teams are suggesting that that is not what they want to see and that they quite like the softer tyre. But that is Formula 1."