Teams to hold vote on testing restrictions


8 May 2013 by TF1T Staff

The Formula One teams will hold a vote this week as to whether they should relax the restrictions imposed on private track testing or keep the status quo.

In 2009, in a bid to reduce costs, private testing was banned - though straight-line testing is still allowed but is heavily restricted.

McLaren's Jonathan Neale revealed that they will vote on the subject this week, with some teams, particularly Ferrari which owns its own track, keen to see a limited return.

"Formula One appears to be about to test itself again on its commitment to different types of testing," said Neale.

"We'll see tomorrow when there is a vote on the subject, but I think right now there are four teams who are in favour of going track testing.

"Clearly if you've got a circuit in your backyard already funded and have the IT equipment you want to roll up the shutters and push the driver out," he added.

McLaren aren't one of the four teams in favour according to Neale.

"I would be really surprised if a team could do a day's track testing for much less than between £70,000-£100,000 in Europe. By the time you've got the cars, flights and all the people it must be in that order.

"Yet in some quarters they are pushing very hard for the re-introduction of track testing and I don't see anything different in the environment - the economic environment is still precarious - that would take us back to track testing."