Whitmarsh isn't considering resigning from McLaren team principal role


11 May 2013 by TF1T Staff

Martin Whitmarsh says he isn't considering resigning from his position as team principal of McLaren and he doesn't believe the matter has been discussed amongst the company's board.

Whitmarsh took over from Ron Dennis in 2009 following their championship success the year before when Lewis Hamilton secured the drivers' title.

Whilst they have won many races since, they haven't enjoyed any championship success since, and it doesn't look likely that either Jenson Button or Sergio Perez will be on the top step of the podium any time soon with both drivers ruling out a title bid.

That hasn't prompted Whitmarsh to consider leaving his position though.

"I don't believe it [my resignation] is being considered at board level at the moment as far as I know," he said on Saturday.

"I believe in the team, I believe that we are going to power through this so no, I am not considering anything other than getting this team back to where it belongs.

"I have sat here in difficult moments, dark moments and I've sat here in good moments as well.

"I enjoy going motor-racing and I enjoy going motor-racing to win so I don't like it when you come with a car that is not good enough to win.

"I have been around when we have won more than 100 races and I am sure that we are going to win more races. We are going to work hard to do that this year."