Barcelona chasing long-term F1 deal

12 May 2013 by TF1T Staff

The organisers of the Spanish Grand Prix are hoping to continue hosting Formula 1 at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona for many years to come, despite alternation talks with Valencia.

Such a deal is unlikely given that the street circuit has fallen into a state of disrepair, whilst the local Valencian government is nearing backruptcy.

Salvador Servia, director general at the Circuit de Catalunya, is therefore pressing ahead with plans for Barcelona to remain the home of the Spanish GP in the long-term.

"We are working on next year, [and] have already published the ticket prices for 2014," he told Reuters, "We have done 23 years of F1 and our objective is to do another 23 years."

Whilst the economic problems which have hit Spain are worse than most other European countries, the event still brings benefits to the region despite the circuit itself making a loss.

Servia is expecting a crowd of around 94,000 - better than previous years - thanks to sales outside of Spain.

"Last year, we started selling overseas, targeting travel agencies and tour operators and we carried on the same way this year," he explained.

"We have sold quite a lot in England, Germany and France. [Spain is] in a crisis, but we will carry on putting on the grand prix with all the qualities as if we were still rich!"