[Pics] Branson delivers on Fernandes F1 bet

12 May 2013 by TF1T Staff

Sir Richard Branson has finally delivered on the bet he and Tony Fernandes made back in 2010, when the pair entered Formula 1 with Virgin Racing and Lotus Racing respectively.

The bet, of which team which finish ahead, was won by Fernandes. The forfeit, for the loser, he would have to serve as a stewardess on the rival businessman's airline.

That wager was finally delivered upon today when Branson donned heels, make-up and an AirAsia stewardess outfit to serve drinks and food to guests - each of whom had bought a ticket for charity - on a flight between Australia and Malaysia.

Check out the photo's from the flight below:

Fourth time lucky! The first attempt was thwarted when Branson was injured in a skiing accident. The second by the Royal wedding and the third by a fire on his private Necker island.

A new service upon AirAsia, spoon feeding the passengers.

Service with a smile!

Branson with drinks...

Branson proceeding to 'accidentally' drop drinks all over Fernandes.

Finally, a kiss from his new boss.