Bridgestone rules out Formula 1 return


5 June 2013 by TF1T Staff

Former-F1 tyre supplier Bridgestone has ruled out returning to the sport amid the current uncertainty over Pirelli's future.

Pirelli is yet to agree a new supply contract, prompting speculation that the FIA is lining up another tyre supplier.

South Korea's Hankook recently dismissed reports it could enter F1, saying 2014 was too early. Bridgestone has also rebuffed the claimes.

"We have no current plans to re-enter F1," a spokesperson from the company told Autosport.

The Japanese manufacturer entered in 1997, but pulled out in 2010 after achieving the significant brand exposure it had hoped for.

"Since our participation in F1, Bridgestone has achieved a significant improvement in brand awareness in Europe and in other areas all over the world.

"At the same time, Bridgestone was successful in applying the technologies for compounds, design, and simulation for F1 tyres for the development of passenger car tires.

"We can say that the participation of Bridgestone in F1 for 14 years was very significant."