Title challenge not impossible - Hamilton


13 June 2013 by TF1T Staff

Lewis Hamilton isn't ruling out challenging for the title this season, despite making claims at the start of the year to the contrary.

The Mercedes driver sits fourth, just 55 points behind Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel. Whilst he admits winning at Silverstone is unlikely given Vettel's dominant pace in Canada, he claims the title isn't out of reach if Mercedes can get on top of their issues.

"I didn't leave Montreal thinking I'm going to Silverstone with the possibility of winning," he told the Daily Mirror.

"Vettel was pulling away from me at a second per lap in Montreal. We're not going to gain a second before the next race," he conceded. "But we can definitely beat the rest.

"As for the championship there are still 12 races left. It's not impossible. But we need to make another big step with the car."

The British driver isn't dwelling on Vettel's impressive pace and reiterated his earlier comments about entertaining the British fans in a fortnight.

"His pace is not demoralising at all. I'm much stronger than that. He has had a car like that for years and is still doing the same thing. But we are coming up fast and Nico beat him in Monaco so it can be done. I want to give the British fans a good result for sure."