An Easy Guide for the Daredevils: How to become an F1 racer


20 June 2013 by TF1T Staff

An Easy Guide for the Daredevils: How to become an F1 racer
While the F1 racers patiently sit in their grid positions, revving up their engines and getting a feel of the pedal, the cheering crowd roars with anticipation. The drivers now set their eyes on the starting gantry, gripping the steering wheel as the red lights go out. The racers hit their pedals. The race is about to begin. Dashing through the circuit, the adrenaline in your body emulates the fuel pumping your race car. Unfortunately, only a few have experienced this certain rush on the race track. How exactly do you prepare for such a sport? Here’s a quick guide for those who dare to become the next speedsters of the sport.

Practice your skills in go-karting
Even the legendary Michael Schumacher started out as an amateur in the sport of kart racing. It is always important to hone the basics and fundamentals before pressing the gas on towards the big leagues. Kart racing helps you get a feel of a true race car. While not as powerful as its brothers, a go kart is a perfect stepping stone to the big leagues.

Learn to invest
F1 racing is an expensive sport. Aside from constant maintenance of your auto parts, it would require a bit more investment if you want to make a name in the big leagues. If you play hard and consistent in the lower levels, you may find F1 scouts in the vicinity but climbing up the ladder isn’t always that simple. Aside from having the skills and passion for the sport, sometimes, it helps to have a crafty agent to assist you in achieving your dream.

Develop mental endurance and improve capacity for focus
Mental endurance and composure develop over time through practice. Although it is important to keep your training regimen sharp, a little time to unwind after every session doesn't hurt. Your mind needs to rest too. Perhaps participate in reactive video games or play some Need for Speed so you can train and relax at the same time. Or you may opt for the simpler card games. In fact, you may also want to take a short trip around town and visit a casino. Simple casino games could help you unburden your shoulders and relax in preparation for the next race. In fact, some card games could help you integrate a more focused mentality. It is a good thing too that you could easily play through your mobile phones or through your laptops by logging in to sites like partycasino. With the help of casino and card games, you develop your endurance and imbibe a longer capacity for focusing, which is essential in racing. See, the sport requires a little advanced planning and takes a great deal of brain power to estimate the lateral acceleration and speed: knowing just when to hit the pedal or to turn the steering wheel. Through a little round of card and casino games, you can help strengthen the mentioned skills to always keep you in the lead.

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