Razia: 'Chilton should have stayed in GP2'


22 June 2013 by TF1T Staff

Max Chilton has come in to Formula 1 too early and should have stayed in GP2 for a few more seasons to gain additional experience, Luiz Razia claims.

Chilton joined Marussia at the start of the 2013 season after just three years competing in GP2. He finished 24th, 20th and then 4th in his final season but has struggled to match team-mate Jules Bianchi in their first seven F1 races.

Razia, who was supposed to partner Chilton this year but was dropped after his investors failed to pay up, believes the Briton isn't yet ready for the top-tier of motorsport, unlike Bianchi who is.

"For me, Max Chilton has come into Formula 1 too early," the Brazilian told RichlandF1.

"I think he needed more time in the lower categories. In GP2 he did a good job, but his experience was not enough.

"For Jules, I think was the right time for him to make it into F1 and he is doing very well. Just like I think I could do it."

Razia is working hard to return to F1 after his stalled debut.

"I'm working on this possibility for the rest of the season if it is possible, but it would be very good if I could take part in some days in the Young Driver Test with the rookies, as I have never competed in a race before."