Vettel admits Mercedes were out of reach

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

29 June 2013 by Ryan Wood

Sebastian Vettel admits Mercedes, particularly Lewis Hamilton who's lap he described as "phenomenal", were out of reach on Saturday.

The Red Bull driver could only manage a lap of 1:30.211, over six tenths slower than Hamilton's pole lap around Silverstone, but he insists he's happy with the result.

"I'm honestly very happy today," he said in the media conference. "I don't know if Lewis found a shortcut or he has something special around here. It was a phenomenal lap. He was not in reach today."

Vettel is hoping to jump the Mercedes pair, who are still battling with high tyre wear, but he is refusing to rule them out as contenders for victory.

"I think P3 was our maximum today but for tomorrow who knows, they are also getting better," he added. "It helps the more time we spend on the tyres. Let's leave it there," he joked with regards the 'private' Mercedes tyre test.