Hamilton: 'Tyre situation is unacceptable'

Sutton Images

30 June 2013 by Ryan Wood

Lewis Hamilton has demanded changes be made to the tyres after he and four others suffered spectacular tyre failures during the British Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver, who had been leading at the time of his incident, called the situation "unacceptable" and says something must be done before it's too late, rather than after.

"The safety is the biggest issue. It's just unacceptable really," he said.

"To have four blowouts… it could have happened at high speed, someone could have crashed and I was thinking in the race behind the Safety Car it's only until someone gets hurt that someone's going to do something about it.

"Obviously I'm massively disappointed, and it is down to the tyres."

Whilst Ferrari's Felipe Massa hasn't ruled out boycotting the next race if something isn't done, Hamilton doesn't believe talking about it will solve anything because they have the facts in front of them.

"I think it's a waste of time talking to anyone at the moment, if I'm honest. They can see what happened today, if they don’t react on it then this is everything."