Pirelli: Many factors including teams to blame for tyre failures at British Grand Prix

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2 July 2013 by TF1T Staff

Pirelli has confirmed that numerous factors were to blame for the tyre failures which occured during the British Grand Prix, including the teams.

A statement from the official tyre supplier explained what it believes were the reasons for five left-rear failures, following forensic analysis back at their Milan headquaters.

Inverted mounting of rear tyres, low pressures, extreme camber and high kerbs all came together to create dangerous conditions which led to the problems.

The statement adds: "The 2013 tyres do not compromise safety if used in the correct way."

That refers to both the inverted mounting and the low pressures, both of which Pirelli have advised against, but the teams haven't heeded the warnings, therefore it has asked the FIA to enforce minimum pressures.

Pirelli will make changes to its tyres at future races. The German GP this weekend will see the steel band replaced with a kevlar one, whilst Hungary onwards will use a new specification tyre with elements from last seasons.

The teams will get the opportunity to test these at the Silverstone Young Driver Test which will double up as a tyre test.

What is inverted mounting?

The teams have discovered that by running the right-rear on the left and the left-rear on the right, improves durability because of the way the sidewall is constructed. Pirelli have advised against this practice, but nothing in the regulations prohibits it.