Call for helmets in pit lane to be mandatory

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8 July 2013 by TF1T Staff

Formula 1 is likely to introduce revised safety procedures for those working in the pits after calls for helmets to be made mandatory for everyone working close to the cars.

FOM cameraman Paul Allen was left with a broken shoulder and two cracked ribs when he was struck by Mark Webber's 10kg loose wheel during the German Grand Prix.

Red Bull were fined £26,000 (€30,000) for the unsafe release and Mercedes team principal has called for further action, insisting a review of safety in he pits is required.

"Luckily our guys saw the wheel coming but the cameraman didn't," he explained. "They were able to swerve out the way to avoid it but it was pretty nasty.

"On the basis of what we have seen, we should be thinking that all people in the pit lane are properly dressed and equipped. Everyone in the pit lane should have a helmet on.

"It is certainly worth reviewing the whole thing," he said.

Red Bull's team principal Christian Horner agreed, adding: "The mechanics need to wear protective gear and maybe it's something that cameramen and women working close to the action need to do as well," he told Sky Sports F1.