Ecclestone says New Jersey GP not happening

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

23 August 2013 by Ryan Wood

The Grand Prix of America, situated on the streets of New Jersey, won't be happening in 2014, Bernie Ecclestone has admitted to CNN.

The race's future has been in doubt ever since it was announced back in 2011, when it was originally meant to join the 2013 calendar. However it didn't make it due to financial concerns and planning restrictions.

Whilst the latter has been overcome, it seems the race still lacks the necessary finances to turn the streets of New Jersey into a suitable race circuit, for 2014 at least.

Speaking about the event, Ecclestone said: "It's not on the cards for next year," adding, "they haven't got any money."

Whilst the construction work continues, albeit at a slow pace, it seems the 82-year-old has grown tired with the project, comparing it to the failed Donnington circuit which was supposed to take over the British GP, but lacked the finances to upgrade its circuit.

"[New Jersey] is like Donington all over again, it is such a muddle and a mess that it is not worth doing."

Race spokesman Alex Howe however insists things are going to plan and an announcement would soon be made.

"We don't comment on financial matters but we are on track for 2014 and will have a statement following the announcement of the official 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship schedule," he said.

If the event doesn't go ahead, it eases he pressure on the 2014 calendar which is expected to expand to 22-races unless two events are cut.