Webber: 'I'm probably leaving a year too soon'

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

17 September 2013 by TF1T Staff

Whilst Mark Webber admits he's struggling to remain motivated in Formula 1, he believes he may have chosen to retire a 'year too soon'.

The Australian announced his departure from F1 earlier this year after striking a deal to join Porsche's WEC team. The timing might not be perfect, but he believes it was probably the best decision.

"I still enjoy being belted in the car and driving down the pit lane, which is a bit disappointing, but I've spoken to some really good sportsmen and women who have been at the crossroads where making the call was not easy and they messed it up," he told F1 Racing.

"I'm probably leaving F1 a year too soon but with the changes next season and the opportunity to join Porsche, it's the best move for me.

"I've been on the edge with F1, motivation-wise, for the past couple of years," he added. "You have to be driven. You turn yourself around each winter and the fire in the belly is not quite what it was when you were 24."