Ecclestone: 'Vettel's domination will soon end'

Sutton Images

25 September 2013 by Ryan Wood

Bernie Ecclestone believes it's just a matter of time until Sebastian Vettel's domination, which looks likely to see him win a fourth straight title, comes to an end.

The Red Bull driver has won seven races this season, five more than any other driver, giving him a massive 60-point advantage over second placed man Fernando Alonso.

Ecclestone compared the 26-year-old's domination to that of a certain Brazilian and fellow German.

"He doesn't give Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton a chance," said the F1 supremo. "He's as dominant as [Ayrton] Senna or [Michael] Schumacher in certain periods."

However, things might not go so well for Vettel in the coming seasons and quite possibly as early as next year when massive regulation changes will hit the sport.

"His domination will end, maybe in 2014," added the 82-year-old. "We're going to have completely new cars, new engines, new rules.

"That will be the chance for Ferrari and Mercedes to catch up with Vettel. Next year it might not be the best driver but the best car that wins the title."