Irvine convicted over nightclub brawl in Italy

Irvine during his stint at Ferrari ( Ferrari)

9 January 2014 by TF1T Staff

Former Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine has been handed a six month prison sentence for his involvement in a night club fight in Italy.

The former Jordan, Ferrari and Jaguar driver was found guilty of injuring Gabriele Moratti, the son of Milan's former mayor, in the Hollywood club in Milan in 2008.

Moratti has also been given a prison sentence for the dispute in which each blamed one another.

However, both will likely be suspended sentences and neither are expected to actually serve the penalties, but may face heavy fines.

Reports the fight was over a woman was denied by Moratti's lawyer.

"Obviously it's easy for newspapers to say they fought because of jealousy over a woman, that they were two men who were rivals for her.

"It's a nice story. But in reality that's not the case."