Renault not concerned by Friday engine freeze

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27 February 2014 by TF1T Staff

Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari must submit their final V6 power unit designs to the FIA on Friday for them to be homologated. Despite major problems for Renault, they're not concerned about the deadline.

The French manufacturer hasn't enjoyed the best of pre-season testing so far, with its customers (Red Bull, Lotus, Toro Rosso and Caterham) having completed minimal running.

The supplier isn't concerned by Friday's deadline however, as a clause within the rules allows changes to be made after February 28th for "reliability, safety and cost savings".

Speaking on Thursday, Remi Taffin, Renault's head of trackside operations, declared that their documents would be submitted in time to meet the deadline, but insisted all the changes they need to make would be covered under the clause.

"When you go in to a season with a new engine, you know through the season you will have a few reliability issues that you will sort with the normal rules - fair and equitable rules," he said.

"We will be applying for our Melbourne spec tomorrow, and we will be delivering all the specs and all the documents that we need to.

"Obviously if we have a few more issues to sort out we will do the same process as before [within the rules]."